Take The Guess Work Out Of This, Period.

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The UNSPOKEN TRUTH that all woman face is welcoming your period into your work life, EVERY MONTH for most of your career.


And yes, the headline was vague and maybe misleading to illustrate what we do on a monthly basis by trying to keep it on the low and not be honest about how being on your period affects how you show up to do your life's work.  

Here are 3 things to help you remain productive when it's your turn for nature take its course: 

1.Be intentional about your count down till the day you start. The best thing you can do for yourself is know your cycle days and schedule it into your calendar like you would your meetings. And yes there is an app designed to help you get to know your body better as you countdown to your next cycle.

Named after the first woman who went through the most while working the garden: the Eve App. It shares with you daily updates that let you in on what changes are happening in your body. It also helps one connect the dots on how the changes in your hormones might affect you at work. For instance, at different times during your cycle the app will explain what changes are taking place and say, “With your hormone levels starting to level out, your critical thinking skills may feel extra sharp this week.”

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2. Support your body through the PMS Smoothie. When a friend told me about it, I'll be the first to admit, I didn’t trust that it would actually make a difference. Turns out the PMS smoothie is high in nutrients and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium and vitamin C, all of which can help reduce PMS symptoms.  Whipping this up will ensure you can reduce the likelihood of you experiencing mood swings, anxiety, tension, bloating, food cravings and bowel changes.

3. Take your head out of the game. This is probably the best time to be able to take things slow and take advantage of having your emotions on tap. If perceived right, it's an opportunity to brainstorm and reflect on some ideas you’ve been working on.