The Good News

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So I’m a brand person, but more importantly, brands are like people and they too have things that are important to their existence. It took me a year to consider what these would be for the LifeWithThato platform and if they would really resonate with me personally. The good news is that they do. But as with all things, they may evolve as time goes by. Feel free to weigh in on them.


Why it’s important: Word is what aligns one to their divine assignment.

Purpose: To practice operating from the spirit world in order to manifest in the natural world what feeds the soul. Faith is the foundation to being able to show up whole in order to be used by God for His purpose.


Why it’s important: Growth is what gives birth to greatness.

Purpose: To discern what one needs to expose themselves to in order to grow holistically into the greatest version of who they can be. Growth is a journey that requires intention in each season to better understand what works for you. This is about centering, not ascending.


Why it’s important: Work is the only currency accepted to acquire wealth.  

Purpose: To define what wealth and success truly mean. I believe it’s about being led by purpose and maximizing your potential to serve the world in meaningful ways. Leaving a lasting legacy that impacts future generations.


Why it’s important: Travel is not about seeing new landscapes but it’s about having new eyes to see the world.

Purpose: To have experiences that allow your mind to have a broader perspective and be expansive in it’s thinking as it connects the dots on how others see the world and where the world is going.  

These pillars are also how I divided my instagram story tabs. Heads up, if ever you are interested in something specific this will let you in on my thinking in real time.

With love,