Young Africa Works Summit



Due to the overwhelming amount of responses already received, I've decided to end the giveaway on 23/03/2019, which is a day earlier than anticipated. A selection will be made from those who have already made submissions and emails will be sent notifying everyone of their outcome. I'd like to thank you all for he great response and it's been really inspiring to see how many women are on a journey of self-mastery! I look forward to sharing more opportunities and journeying with each of you.

Over the years I've had the privilege of attending high-profile conferences and summits and on arrival I would consciously look for but rarely find a high representation of young, ambitious women in business or corporate in attendance. For me, this has been a lost opportunity to make tangible the “seat at the table” that the world says it now offers women. I decided  to stop looking and made a vow to do something about the inclusion and the access women have to rooms that would serve their professional growth.

A great African proverb speaks of how if one wants to go far they should rather not go alone and this is a principle taken to heart in all that we do and offer you on the LWT platform. It is truly an honour to share with you that has partnered with the MasterCard Foundation to bring you a meaningful opportunity which we hope will contribute to your self-mastery journey in both your personal and professional development in 2019. I believe any real change in Africa's future implies change in the mindset of the new leadership that is coming into power, which is us, the youth.

With that said, it gives me a great pleasure to offer 3 African female entrepreneurs (between the ages 18-35) the opportunity to join myself and other audacious entrepreneurs from across the continent at the 2019 Young Africa Works (YAW) summit hosted by the MasterCard Foundation. 

It is both exciting but a daunting task that lies ahead of Africa's youth to ensure that the continent no longer gets left behind. For us to be effective, I believe we need embrace the freedom that comes with taking up the identity of a servant, which doesn't require permission or position to be granted by society.  We should not want to lead but rather to serve. Where we are and with what we have. I believe this is how will come into a silent power that will ferociously knock at the door of those clutching onto positions of leadership and announce that we are actually the ones in leadership and we are ready and empowered to take office.

I hope you will not talk yourself out of showing up and sharing your work with the world. I hope you will have the courage to be in rooms that are ready to receive your different way of thinking. I hope you will grab this opportunity with both hands and submit your application as soon as you can.

With love and appreciation,