Why Have We Turned Self-Care Into A Weekend Special?

Breanda Fassie, Source:  Huffington Post

Breanda Fassie, Source: Huffington Post


In the 80s-90s, a song that formally ushered in the weekend and was popularized by radio stations on Fridays was titled "Weekend Special". Released by the legendary South African artist Brenda Fassie whose lyrics articulate what could be likened to the relationships we have with ourselves. At face value, we could be distracted by the usual narrative of the song that could be summed up in today's culture as the following: Boy ignores girl during the week and texts girl on Fridays. Girl gets angry and throws a tantrum with a WhatsApp text filled with dramatic emojis. Boy thinks it's not a big deal and blows her off. Girl stands her ground and cuts the conversation short with a gutwrentching response in the form of the infamous one-letter message:"K" and the boy stops bothering girl and understands she is not a weekend special. The end.

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If we were to think about how we re-enact this narrative in our own lives with ourselves, it would be revealing of what each of us needs to work on when it comes to the expression of love towards self. At the heart of what makes love work in any relationship, is the ability to refine the truth of who we are. Given that we are the sum total of the truths we choose to live by, it is most certainly worth taking the time to consider why you choose to not make time for yourself during the week or take the time to listen to yourself.

Ask yourself:

“Why do I make time for everyone else but me?”

“Why don't I give myself the attention I crave from the world and give to the world?

To relegate self love to the weekend is probably one of the greatest injustices you can commit against yourself. So the next time you catch yourself putting off selfcare to the weekend, I hope you will pour yourself a glass of wine, run yourself a bath and put on Brenda Fassie's Weekend Special and sing along the mantra: 

I’m no weekend, weekend special

I’m no weekend, weekend special

I’m no weekend, weekend special
— Brenda Fassie

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And maybe this is how we announce the end to what has been passed off as the necessary tension standing between the trial and triumph of a culture that made a case for us to postpone our joy till the weekend.