Transcending Failure And Rising Strong | Dr. Brené Brown & Oprah Winfrey


What does it look like to GET BACK UP? Dr. Brené Brown and Oprah go beyond the inspirational stories you’ve heard and get into THE PROCESS that is backed by SCIENCE and FAITH.

After listening to just the first 2 mins between these two, you can tell you’re in the ultimate no BS zone and if you are willing, you will finally call yourself out on the things you can do better on. Dr. Brené Brown shares on how we can all transcend failure by distilling it into a three part journey described in her book titled “Rising Strong” as the reckoning, the rumble and the revolution. She shares on how the process of rising strong starts with being curious about our emotions, then challenging the stories and lies we tell ourselves and then finally leaning into the fullness of who we were created to be through vulnerability.


Our brain is wired above all else for survival. What our brain doesn’t take into consideration is the need for discomfort and vulnerability in real relationships. And so, it’s he or she that is willing to be the most uncomfortable that will rise strong.

— Dr. Brené Brown