Build Your Vision From The Ground Up | TD Jakes & Steven Furtick


Ever listened to an interview and think, “Come on somebody! This is exactly what I needed to hear”. Well this is about to be that.

While the world recognizes him for his awe-inspiring preaching at the Porter’s House and his appearances on shows like the Oprah show and Dr. Phil, the journey of Bishop T.D. Jakes as an entrepreneur is one that we are only now getting better insight into as he consciously shares his experiences through his books. He sat for a deeply insightful and mostly candid Q&A session led by Pastor Steven Furtick about his book, ‘SOAR’. The conversation is a Tour De France of TD Jakes’s perspective on what it takes to be resilient, abundant and effective on your journey of pursuing your life’s purpose. This one is definitely a classic, so make sure to take some notes of the lessons that will expand your perspective on how to approach life.


It is not where we are trying to go that is the problem. It is what are you WILLING to LEAVE BEHIND to get there. If you are going to soar, you need to BREAK THE LAW of gravity.

— TD Jakes