The Download: Tickets


BIBLE VERSE: Genesis 25: 21-26  


Honour the call over your life

This story of Esau and Jacob’s birthright rivalry illustrates how God's choice on who he calls is based entirely on His grace. The word "Birthright" speaks to position and inheritance not just a word denoting birth order. The Hebrew word for blessing (berakah) is a word that means both birthright and firstborn (bekorah).

Core lessons

  • Not everyone is registered on the system, so be careful who you let into your life and how much access they have.

  • Tantrums, drama and distractions: These will play out at the check-in desk to try cause those on the flight to be delayed. But these people need to be directed to swiftly go check for their flights at other counters for check-in to their airline system. These are people who are not in their lanes and they try to flourish in other people’s lanes when they do not have a covering for the that lane.

  • Security checks: these are important because some have fraudulent tickets and this may not be picked up initially at the desk but that’s why you need Xray discernment.

  • Discernment: Do not only search what is on the outside, you also need to search what is on the inside of self and others.

  • Seat allocation: provision for the good and the bad. In-flight entertainment, food and drinks are the good. But there's also provision for the bad times, i.e there’s a Life Jacket under your seat in case of an emergency landing.