Ahead Of Your Time


Bible Verses: Romans 12:2 & Genesis 1:3-5


Understand your true identity through a study of time.

Being in alignment with Self asks that you schedule in time to do the work. But we don't. We put it off or do some light changes and secretly think we will be let off the hook from our calling.

We spend more time in the manifest (9 to 5), distract ourselves during Primetime TV and at the end of each day we see everything else that's going on in the world but never really see ourselves.

"Doing the most" which is achievement in the manifest, should not be confused for alignment in the unmanifest. Don't play yourself. Do the work.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may discern what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
— Romans 12: 2

Core lesson

The most important factor of change is time. What we do with our time in the spirit realm (which is doing some soul work, selfceare) has an impact on how things in the natural unfold over time. The first person to travel across these two time zones is Jesus Christ when he came from the spirit realm into the earthly realm. In many ways he was ahead of His time as He brought a new way of Being in the earthly realm. With each new season of our lives, we can navigate the journey towards realizing our destiny through knowing the two time zones which govern us:

  • The Spirit Realm: the unmanifest and intangible where our soul resides

  • The Earthly Realm: the manifest and tangible where our body resides

When you do a study on timezones, it will give you a clue into how this works. Your primary timezone should be in the spiritual realm which means, it will always be ahead with time. 

What can you integrate into your daily life?

Retrain your mind on how not to conform to the world.

The Holy spirit needs to retrain you on how to be effective in the natural realm by downloading what God’s will for your life is from the spirit realm.

Spend time transforming your mind

What you do with your time will help you align who you are at your core and allow the fulfillment of your destiny. Know your prayer/meditation hours the same way you know your working hours.

Grow your Discernment muscle

Have the ability to discern who God has purposed for you to be and allow everything you do to flow from there.

I'd love to know your thoughts and what you are working on in the comments.

With love,