The Believability Index


Office Hours


Questions to consider:

  • How believable are you? Have you done the work to allow yourself to contribute to the conversation?

  • How believable are the people you take advice from from? Have they gone through the process of the outcome they are saying is possible for you.

Know the difference in what you are seeking:

  • Aesthetics: What things look like

  • Alignment: What things feel like

Tweetables, Quotables & Bars  

  • We lose ourselves by believing in what we think is desirable but that’s not your truth.

  • Don't be a meme version of yourself, or try mold yourself into what you think is palatable to the world.

  • We forget to hold a space for ourselves to grow into understanding what we bring to the table.

  • It's no use having a seat at the table when you can't bring a believable version of yourself to the table.

  • You are better served when you are quiet, listen more deeply and give yourself time to process your thoughts and  your emotions.

  • It has nothing to do with people allowing you to do anything. It has everything to do with you giving permission to yourself.

  • Drop the aspiring and show up as yourself. You either are or you are not something.

  • Stress test your truths and your traumas.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode in the comments below and what you’ll be working on.

With love,