Problems, Passion & Profit


Office Hours


Questions to consider:

  • There are businesses that ask tough questions and there are businesses that give great suggestions. Which business model is your business based on?

  • What are the different passions that you have here to teach you?

It’s not how much they have in the bank, its how much are they willing to spend to solve this problem.
— Seth Godin

Tweetables, Quotables & Bars  

  • A lot of problems exist, but focus on building a business that fixes the problems that have a higher opportunity costs for your customer if they don’t pay you to make the problem go away.

  • Don’t get married to your ideas. Date your ideas first.

  • There’s no such thing as “finding” your passion, because it’s already within you.

  • There’s a difference between being and doing. Focus on being.

  • The business that has been put into your mind or your heart is here to teach you a lesson. Pay attention.

  • Entrepreneurs need to stop silencing and letting the valuable and meaningful ideas they have in their mind be drowned out by the noise being made by the outside world.

  • When you ask yourself what are you passionate about, be willing to accept the answers that come. They may not be grand or be something that the world celebrates, but they will be your truth and that’s always enough.

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