In My Feelings About Productivity


Office Hours


What internal space or thought process did you get into to maximize productivity with yourself as an individual, and then to maximize productivity in your business?
— Dikonelo Mile

Questions to consider:

  • What feelings are important for you to feel while doing your work?  

  • How do you prime yourself in the morning to be productive in the day?

  • How do you measure how productive you were during the day? Are there any critical productivity indicators that you are paying attention to?

Tweetables, Quotables & Bars  


  • Productivity is a personal thing. It has nothing to do with your do list. It has everything to do with your to be list.

  • The patterns in your life, reveal who you are.

  • Take the time to feed yourself creatively so that you can vibrate higher when get to doing your work

  • Be okay with sitting still and listening to a higher sense of Self hold a space to sit with your fears and anxieties.

  • Interrogate and empathize your work

  • We glorifying being busy. What if we shifted this to glorifying you just being. You being present is productive and it’s enough.


  • Strategic and Operational: What moves do you need to be making to thrive not survive.

  • If you don’t have data you are watching and measuring productivity in your business then you won’t know what to resolve in your business.

  • What critical questions can you ask yourself around the productivity metrics in your business?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode in the comments below and what you’ll be working on.

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