GPS: God's Positioning System




How to navigate your life's journey when feeling lost

We live in a world where people who are called to be in positions of power are in hiding and what the world is now seeing are people who are placeholders. Being in hiding means that you sit in an environment where you are outside of God’s covering and asking to be blessed is what is causing people to be frustrated and out of position.

People turn places that are meant for rest as a pitstop are turned into a place of settlement. Do not allow yourself to be comfortable with dysfunction and be with people who lengthen your time in the pitstop by helping you perpetuate your trauma. Doing the work is worth it instead of settling for a life that you will never have settlement in. When you become directly connected to God you operate on a level where you are empowered to hear clear direction and instruction on how to navigate your life.

And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left.
— Isaiah 30:21

Core lesson

People cannot give you the most effective directions to navigate your life. God needs to be the primary voice giving you direction as He has insight and foresight on the path you are on. Prioritize unblocking your senses in the spiritual realm so that you can see and hear what God is communicating to you. Putting people in positions of authority and not God, will leave you stranded and limited.

Here are some questions to help you journal and reflect:

  • What can you integrate into your daily life?

  • Who and what is allowing you to hide in this season of your life?

  • Make a list of people that you need to leave in your pitstop

All in all, you need to be able to reach a resolve to leave your pitstop and evolve by making decisions to be better connected to God.  I'd love to know your thoughts and what you are working on in the comments.

With love,