This Is Your Invitation To Wear You.

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With South Africa celebrating WOMEN’S DAY as a public holiday on the 9th of August, the month is filled with events that are marketed as platforms that "EMPOWER WOMEN". But do they really empower us or have they become ego-festivals for the speakers who are all talk and inspiration, and fail to share practical and useful information?


Questions we should ask ourselves should be, beyond the fleeting inspiration and good images we get from the day, do we actually receive meaningful and practical information or is it all things you could've probably watched on YouTube and heard on your favourite podcast? Are these perhaps events you could've skipped and saved money paying for the ticket, your cute pink outfit and your facebeat for the gods? Over the years I've been conscious about collaborating with brands and individuals that put purpose at the heart of what they do. And the minute a brand pushes product into your face or want you to drive a conversation about some random hashtag, you can tell there's no purpose backing their event/efforts, only matters of profit. Now some people may go with that but on this side of the fence that doesn't fly. For me, that's when I choose to walk away instead of bombarding my community of knowledgeable, hard working and woke AF women, whom I absolutely love and respect, with countless posts on my social media which aren't usefull.  

Over the years I’ve been CONSCIOUS about collaborating with brands and individuals that PUT PURPOSE AT THE HEART of what they do.

So when Sta-Sof-Fro invited me in 2018 to be a part of an event titled "Wear You" and the first meeting was a brainstorming session on what that means for myself and other like-minded women, I knew we were onto something good, something really meaningful. Listening to how the women around the table opened up at that meeting and how this then translated into the actual events, was for me the epitome of how women are capable of serving each other when we don't put on our masks. But rather we focus on how we serve each other and the world when we challenge ourselves to be completely comfortable in wearing our true selves. And realizing that the version of ourselves that isn't all the way put together can reach another woman where she is and with a quiet strength say to her,  "Where you are is not who you are. And like me, you have it in you to rise if you take the following steps and get to work!"

The value of whether what we shared at the (invite only) WearYou seminar in 2018 was valuable, would be put to test by the women who were seated in the room. Social media is a beautiful thing because I've interacted with many of the women who showed up to the event and amazed at how they continued to show up for themselves by doing the work. Having heard of their progress, and the fight they've put up when challenges came around and ultimately how each of them have been braving and building a holistic life they can be proud of,  it has brought a huge sense of gratitude to know that the seeds they had within them where watered by what myself and co-panelists shared.

Having taken lessons from our efforts last year on how we can better serve the women seated in the room, it brings me great joy to share that this year, we have consciously elevated what the 2019 Sta-Sof-Fro WearYou experience is all about. I say we, because of the phenomenal women who are both speaking and organizing this year's experience. Here's what you can expect: 

#1 You are all invited: This year Sta-Sof-Fro has opened up the WearYou event as an inclusive way to give access to women who are serious in investing in their personal development. So you don't have to stress about finding out how you can be invited, but rather stress about which of your friends will be accompanying you to this experience. Tickets are limited, and as you know women in Johannesburg like things,  so please get your tickets in time.

#2 We are starting them young: Looking out for younger women is probably the greatest gift we could share. So to ensure that we give back, we will be hosting the same event at no cost at a university that will be named. If you've attended university, you'll agree that there's a lot that one faces during these years and so it goes without saying how much this is needed.

#3 Masterclasses that promise to expand your thinking: Listening to women that inspire you is one thing, but actually getting to pick their brain and hear practical strategies of what is working for them and what might work for you is another. So we've put together a full range of masterclasses that are led by the phenomenal WearYou ambassadors. When purchasing your ticket, you'll get to pick which ones to attend during the course of the day and remember this is for you, so come prepared with questions you need answers to. I will be sharing more details about my masterclass titled "The Basics of Self-Mastery" during the month of August, so look out for that of on this website.


Looking out for younger women is probably the greatest gift we could share. So to ensure that we give back, we will be hosting the same event at no cost at a university that will be named.

All in all, this is an event that I'm privileged to be a part of because it's not every day that you'll find women who are willing to be vulnerable and have  authentic conversations about how they are building their careers, businesses, and their lives holistically. The type of conversations that let you into the journey they are walking and not skipping to the good parts that make them "powerhouses". But the behind-the-scenes conversations that are practical and give one insight into how they are navigating the challenges they face. Conversations that enlighten one around how seeking fulfillment is more meaningful than seeking the worldly success that is celebrated in the media. I personally can't wait for us to meet and it is my hope that you will make time to WearYou and join us!



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