The Luxury Of Feeling At Home

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When looking for decor pieces, the feeling that we should rely on when making PURCHASING DECISIONS is one that we know all too well. After braving through afternoon traffic from work and finally arriving at your doorstep to a place given meaning by how it makes you FEEL AT HOME, is what gives purpose to "home staging”in the multi-million dollar real estate industry.


Without realizing it, the countless images you have saved in your #decorinspo Pinterest board, posts you've shared on your IG or pictures saved on your phone probably came from projects designed by Home staging companies. With the advent of #decorinspo making the rounds on social media, finding your own design language to translate trends into a livable aesthetic for your space takes time. One woman who has cashed in on her art of making spaces feel like home is Cheryl Eisen, who is the visionary behind the award-winning, New York-based firm Interior Marketing Group(IMG) which specializes in home staging. A glance at her Instagram page and you'll see how her incredible ability to design homes that sell instantly, convinced Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to purchase a fully furnished New York home staged by IMG.

Interior designers personalize a home to REFLECT the personalities of their clients. Stagers DEPERSONALIZE a home so that a wider range of people can IMAGINE their lives in it.

— Cheryl Eisen
Cheryl Eisen | Source: Interior Marketing Group

Cheryl Eisen | Source: Interior Marketing Group

Source: Interior Marketing Group

Source: Interior Marketing Group


Cheryl Eisen says her company's approach to furnishing a home they stage is different from what interior designers do and explains the difference through this lens: “Interior designers personalize a home to reflect the personalities of their clients. Stagers depersonalize a home so that a wider range of people can imagine their lives in it.” While you weigh your options for your next decor purchases, it's probably a good idea to consider the advice which High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs) get from Eisen. In her recent sit-down interview with the US Elle Decor, she shared 3 signature decorating pointers which you should pay attention to:

Embrace the mantra less is more

She typically prefers low-profile anchor pieces such as sofas, feature clean lines and neutral hues that give oft. She cleverly balances this minimalistic aesthetic by weaving in pops of colour through accessories, that introduce a level of familiarity and makes the space feel homier. "People don’t want to feel like a home is staged when they walk into it", says Eisen.

Pieces that carry the eye

To pique the visual interest in any room, she relies on art and accessories to carry the eye as she explains, "I customize looks with different textures—area rugs, beautiful throw pillows, and luxurious throws," she says.  She encourages us to not shy away from the use of oversized artwork or installation of oversized mirrors, after all, she says the goal in any room is to "focus the eye upward versus down to the floor".

Taste is what matters, not how expensive a piece is. 

"You can have Ikea cabinets in a room with absolutely beautiful furnishings, and if you put a unique handle, base or top on it, you will never know that it is not Minotti", Eisen says. Which underscores the fact that there are things you should splurge on and things you can save on.

All in all, taking the time to find joy in the process of what might sometimes feel like a never-ending pursuit to find furnishings is worth it. While we search for pieces that catch our eye and are good investments, may we fall in love with imagining our lives playing out in what looks like a masterpiece but more importantly feels like home.