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Life doesn’t happen with one area of our lives needing our ATTENTION at a time. Often times, you have to figure out how to find HARMONY in your PERSONAL and PROFESSIONAL life, at the same time. Along the way, you’re bound to feel overwhelmed, lonely and experience moments of feeling unfocused and demotivated. 


Over time your failures, lack of support and too many false starts have a way of chipping away at the faith, confidence and courage you had when you began your journey. To keep up the good fight of not giving up but rather choosing to show up to do the work can be exhausting. Then add to that setbacks that you didn’t anticipate, and before you know it you become that person that doubts whether their goals are truly attainable given everything that has happened. Truth is there isn’t a shortage of women who have been down this path, but there aren’t enough women who have been able to transcend all the hardships along their journey and arrive at their destiny.

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 LWT Circle is a digital community for the AMBITIOUS modern-day woman. Through PERSONAL & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, we will build unstoppable momentum as you EXECUTE your business and life goals. We’re also here to remind you to PACE YOURSELF and enjoy life’s pleasures along the way. 


It’s time to trade in looking like you have it all together and journey with other women who are also on a mission to build a business and life they envision. For us to break barriers, manifest our most audacious goals and go through life with the desire to experience holistic growth in our lives, it will better serve us to be willing to open up and journey together. Because the truth is: we need each other more than we know.

LWT Circle brilliantly fuses personal and business development anytime, anywhere and on any platform. It’s a space designed to empower you in practical ways with tools and resources that put you on the path of self-mastery and guide you as you do your life’s work. LWT Circle holds space for you to unravel, pose questions on your curiosities and anxieties, hold yourself accountable, share your story in all its glory (the good, bad and the ugly) with like-minded women who have probably been exactly where you are. Ultimately, together we will cultivate a circle of business women who are on a mission to transcend to the highest version of themselves. A circle of women who truly feel successful where they are and with what they have, in any season of their lives. The ultimate power circle.



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 Whether you’d like to grow your SIDE HUSTLE into something you can do comfortably full-time, have a business you’d like to SCALE or you’re just STARTING OUT and trying to find your footing, LWT Circle will help you: 

How LWT Circle Works Here at LWT Circle, equipping you to live a holistically fulfilling life is a ______ experience_ Alignment & Intention To help you know what to prioritize in order to grow in every season you’ll  (4).png
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Before the world got to you and convinced you to gradually hide your GREATNESS, at your core, you are THAT woman. The VISIONARY, the ambitious one who chooses to believe that she can write a DIFFERENT NARRATIVE for herself and future generations. 


When everyone else around you believes that where they are is who they are, you choose to rise above your circumstances and do the work to pursue the glimpses of greatness you’ve witnessed in yourself. The world has described your magic as “too much” and tried to silence you as a way to stop you from pursuing what you’ve been predestined to achieve. You have audacious ideas, dreams, and goals written in countless notebooks and you work hard at manifesting them, even when the odds are against you. Unknowingly to the world, what you’ve written in those note-books holds the blueprint of why your life’s work and your legacy will go down in history books for other women to draw inspiration from, and just like you, they will need to have faith in the process of manifesting a business and life they envision for themselves.


You were created to make a dent in the world and within you lies the potential to create an impact in the lives of others. And even though you’ve been through setbacks, failures, rejection and you thought you would be further along by now, somehow by grace, you are learning that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are learning not to give up on yourself and that you don’t have to go at it alone. Deep down, you know that the worst thing you can do is ignore your feelings about a change needing to happen, betray your vision by not executing your ideas and put your calling on a shelf. Truth is, you can never live with yourself if you gave up on building your business, rising to the occasion of your life and becoming the woman you are purposed be.





mentorship focused on Alignment

Our focus is to have you aligned, as you ascend. You’ll get a virtual seat at X2 monthly self-mastery masterminds that offer you strategic advise that helps you get clarity on your vision and practical with your execution. Every month, you’ll send through your tough questions to have them answered by Thato as part of a live webinar & you’ll also get one pre-recorded mastermind with a guest mentor interviewed by Thato. We’ll record and upload all the sessions onto the LWT Circle Platform, so you can listen and learn at your convenience on any device.


Masterclasses & Resources HuB

Discover our library of tried and tested resource guides and online masterclasses that teach you the critical skills to optimize your time and actions as you navigate your journey towards personal growth and building a sustainable business. As a way for you to consistently learn, each week you’ll have access to in-depth episode notes from the LWT Podcast. To help you get your brand out there, we’ve got you covered with DIY design templates for building your brand. And the best part is that you won’t even need photoshop.


Support & Accountability

Designed to be a supportive community experience, you’ll be able to share your thoughts, and most importantly learn how to hold yourself accountable. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by it all, so engaging with others is always a good place to start getting encouragement. You’ll have the opportunity to expand your ideas and your network with empowered and ambitious female founders who aren’t all talk, and are actively invested in doing the work. You’ll also enjoy early bird access to our ticketed events where you can network with like minded female founders.

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Thato Kgatlhanye is a new breed of an African entrepreneur, who has been publicly earmarked by Bill Gates to be one of the entrepreneurs to watch on the African continent.

She is the founder and CEO of  Rethaka Group & Rethaka Foundation, which are purposed to “Resource Africa's Future” through operations in textile manufacturing, renewable energy, tech and fashion industries. Through her latest venture, LWT (Life With Thato), she is building a lifestyle brand for the ambitious modern-day woman.

Her efforts to build internationally recognized businesses and her own personal brand as a thought leader earned her honourable recognition by the President of South Africa, President Cyril Ramaphosa, who bestowed her with the Nelson Mandela Ubuntu Award for Youth Diplomacy. As a speaker she has been invited to contribute her opinion on stages in 16 countries around the world, with her biggest audience being 15,000 people.

Her career began with an internship in New York with marketing guru Seth Godin, where she grounded her foundation as a world-class marketing and brand strategist. Through building a reputable track record as a business woman, she has been invited to advise the United Nations University headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Strategic Brand Management.

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How LWT Circle Works Here at LWT Circle, equipping you to live a holistically fulfilling life is a ______ experience_ Alignment & Intention To help you know what to prioritize in order to grow in every season you’ll  (5).png
In conversation with Bill Gates.  +Watch: MTV BASE Africa Special

In conversation with Bill Gates. +Watch: MTV BASE Africa Special



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LWT Circle annual Membership

Pay Annually


Pay $15 per month, $180 annually, once-off



x2 Livestream Mastermind calls monthly

Unlimited access to Resource Hub

LWT Circle Online Masterclasses

Deep Dive Podcast Episode Notes


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LWT Circle Monthly Membership

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Pay $20 per month and $240 annually



x2 Livestream Mastermind calls

Unlimited access to Resource Hub

Deep Dive Podcast Episode Notes




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When you have the right strategies in place, you’re creating a STRONG FOUNDATION that empowers you to create a life and business you love. If you’re ready to get crystal clear on your vision and grow in an INTENTIONAL WAY way, do it with a MENTOR who can support you in UP-LEVELING to that next stage. 


This one-on-one coaching is a dedicated space to learn road-tested solutions to grow with intention. If you're craving an individualised experience, this 1:1 coaching allows us to go deep through a customised program tailored around where your life and business are right now.

This is a 6 week high touch program, as such there are a limited amount of places available each month. This experience is about confidently taking a step back to help you plan strategically, and create systems and partnerships that support your long term vision.

Thato will cut out the fluff and walk you through the foundation you need to run a profitable business and challenge you to execute at your highest level without the overwhelm. Thato comes from a confident, experienced place but also has the empathy and understanding of the realities of how it can be difficult to execute on ideas. This makes her the perfect match for those looking for actionable advise and meaningful support that meets you on your level. The aim is to train you to think expansively, adopt habits that challenge you to become a high performance individual and execute on strategies in a focused and consistent way.




  • Refine your vision, clarify your goals and build the operational backend to manifest a timeless brand for yourself and your business. 

  • Craft high quality products/services that you’ll sell through meaningful stories that positively influence your customers buying decisions.

  • Build systems that allow you to separate and effectively handle your personal and business finances so you can have the freedom to live a life you love. 

  • Learn the art of troubleshooting challenges that arise and set principles that help you make informed decisions about when to pivot or exit a business. 

  • Declare a victory over your failures by learning how to build feedback loops that give you strategic direction as you build your business.

  • Craft a design language that will help you give sound creative direction and build brand assets that create desire and inspire action from your customers. 

  • Strengthen your emotional intelligence to be able to navigate challenges and moments of stagnation. 

  • Decode the mindset that stands in the way of you being in alignment with your purpose and taking action on ideas that bring you joy. 

  • Become your own pacemaker as you execute on ideas and organize your day to feel less anxious and overwhelmed.

  • Prime your mind to find harmony in managing stress while being consistently productive.

  • Feel confident, focused and knowledgeable as you execute strategies in uncharted territories. 

  • Maximize your potential and become intentional about self-mastery and social impact consistently.

  • Build flexible and strategic business and personal growth roadmaps that keep you accountable.

  • Learn the art of prioritizing for productivity so that you can optimize your time






Through x6 virtual coaching calls, you’ll be taken through proven strategies to gain clarity on how to achieve your goals. You’ll learn how to integrate and apply brand building strategies that will make an impact in the lives of the customers you serve and grow in your personal capacity in a way that feels aligned and expansive. We’ll put systems in place that allow you to be more effective.


Actionable Advise +TANGIBLE OUTCOMES

During our on-boarding process you’ll answer a few questions to give context on your challenges upfront. This will allow us to get clear on your needs and goals ahead of the coaching and work out a flexible roadmap of what tangible outcomes you will work on during the period of your coaching. Along the way we’ll develop feedback loops that allow you to hold yourself accountable in the long run.


meaningful support + Feedback

Be challenged to hit your milestones without going through burnout and feeling overwhelmed. We’ll work together on a personalised action plan that will clarify what to prioritize in order to maximize any action you take. You’ll receive insightful feedback and be held accountable in a way that inspires growth, leaves you motivated and certain of strategic direction.




This 6 week program is open to anyone who is willing to do the work.

Everything is based online is you can pace yourself and schedule your coaching around your life. All your coaching calls will be recorded, so you can always revisit and review what you need to apply in your business and life.

For your convenience, booking your slots for your coaching calls will be done online, so you can plan your weeks in advance and make time commitments.


LWT Circle One-On-One

Once- Off



x6 Virtual Coaching Calls, 1Hour each

x2 LWT Circle Mastermind calls

Unlimited access to Resource Hub

Build Your Brand Design Templates

Lifetime access to LWT Circle Online Masterclasses

Deep Dive Podcast Episode Notes

Personalized support

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